Fiberglass Roving

Weight 18 oz. per sq. yd. Woven roving is a high strength, coarsely woven fabric widely used in all phases of fiberglass molding. This 18 oz. treated roving has replaced all other lightweight grades where speed of wet-out, drapability and flatness of weave are important. Typically used with polyester resin, but can also be used with Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy.

Fiberglass Roving is shipped rolled, not folded, in a separate box. We will advise you of the shipping charge before we process your order.

Fiberglass Roving is sold per linear yard.

Fiberglass Roving
Price Per Yard / Roll
Order by Full Yards or Rolls

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Purchase Weight Width Quantity
F.G. Roving 18 oz. X 30 8.00 yard 1-9 Yards 18 oz. 30"
F.G. Roving 18 oz. X 30 7.00 yard 10 + Yards 18 oz. 30"
F.G. Roving 18 oz. X 30 240.00 each 40 Yard Roll 18 oz. 30"