Handles Etc

Top Left-Transom Handle-Chrome plated zinc alloy. Use 1/4" flat head fasteners. Also available in solid brass.

Top Middle-Bow Eye-U Bolt-Stainless steel 1-1/16"I.D., Eye, 3" x 3/8". With lock nuts & flat washers. 6,000 max. Load

Top Right-Bailer PlugFast-working cam action plug adjusts to provide a tight seal. All brass with neoprene seal. Fits 1" drain tube.

Bottom Left-Bow Handle-Chrome plated zinc alloy. Use No. 6 flat head fasteners.

Bottom Middle-Bow Eye-Twin Shank-Chrome plated zinc alloy. 1" I.D.eye, 5/16" x 3" shank, with nuts and flat washers. 2,000 max.load.

Bottom Right-Drain Tube-Brass 1"I.D. X 2-1/4"

Handles Bow Eyes Plug and Tube
Price Per Each

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Item Size Quantity
Bow Handle-Each 21.00 each Bow Handle Length 6-1/2"
Transom Handle-Each 16.00 each Transom Handle Chrome Length 6"
Bow Eye U Bolt-Each 13.00 each Bow Eye-U Bolt Length 3"
Bow Eye Twin Shank-Each 13.00 each Bow Eye-Twin Shank Length 3"
Bailer Plug-Each 6.00 each Bailer Plug 1" Dia.
Drain Tube Brass-Each 6.00 each Drain Tube Brass Length 2-1/4" X 1"