Boatbuilding Supplies and Marine Hardware

This Store contains all the building supplies that you will need: to build a new wooden boat, to cover an old one, to build a new fiberglass boat, or to repair your present one. We carry epoxy and polyester resins as well as a variety of fiberglass fabric-cloth, tape, mat, and roving, so that you may select the material that will best fit your building needs. Our materials will give you the best finished product at a reasonable price. If you come across a material or supply that we do not have listed in our store, tell us and we will attempt to secure the item for you or will tell you where you might be able to acquire it.

Our expertise in the science and application of both polyester and epoxy materials to boats has evolved through over 50 years experience in the manufacture of both wood and fiberglass boats. We have engaged in much research ... and most important, testing under actual boating conditions ... in all kinds of water and in all kinds of weather conditions. We believe we have evolved the finest formulas and the most rigid specifications to which our suppliers must conform to assure you, the end user, the maximum in ease of application and the ultimate in long, trouble-free use.

Clark Craft offers only top grade materials. You can be assured when ordering any of our products you receive what you pay for - quality and product confidence.

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